Romford Summer Theatre is an amateur theatre company which stages open air productions of William Shakespeare's plays at the Rockery in Raphael Park, Romford, each summer. The company, which started out in 1962, is run by committee and features performers from within Havering and the local area.

Committee Members: 2017/2018

  • Chairman - Chrissie O'Connor
  • Treasurer - John Lester
  • Secretary - June Fitzgerald
  • Stage Management - Piers Everett / Chris Wilkes
  • Marketing & Promotion Officer - June Fitzgerald/Paul Sparrowham
  • Member's representatives - Jim Rimell / Paul Sparrowham
  • Front of House representative - Chrissie O'Connor
  • 2017 Production Director - Graham Poulteney
Online Administrative Support - June Fitzgerald/Paul Sparrowham

To contact a member of the committee, find out more about the group or to register your interest in becoming part of our backstage team, contact us at

Click Here for a copy of our Constitution.

Romford Summer Theatre are members of Havering Arts Council (Registered Charity No. 248171).

RST are grateful for the continued financial support of Clemance Hoar Cummings Chartered Accountants -  where clients count.

The His
tory of Romford Summer Theatre

unded in 1962 by members of Romford Civil Defence Players (later to adopt the slightly less ferocious sounding name, 'Comedy Players') and Romford Children's Theatre, the group's inaugural production, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', also boasted members of the Romford School of Dancing.

It would
be an other two years before the group adopted the more familiar 'Romford Summer Theatre'; a name which is now synonymous with high calibre open air productions of Shakespeare's comedies in the Havering area.


In its early days the group benefited from the experience of members of local drama groups, including Frank Everett of the Chameleons who had presided over the Romford and Hornchurch Theatre Association in 1960 - an umbrella group featuring performers from eleven local groups who came together in order to stage productions beyond the reach of their individual companies.

Founder members Edwin 'Eddie' Rudd and Gordon 'Bumble' Humby brought their talents to bear, with Edwin not only acting, producing and directing shows, but also designing and making a number of costumes f
or the group. In this, he was ably assisted by a young actress called Con Chandler, who would continue to design and re-make costumes for the group, as well as eventually taking on the role of Secretary and Chair.

In addition to nurturing the talents of its actors, RST also provided many a chance to develop their skills as directors and m
any benefited from the enthusiasm and experience of Frank Willcocks who proved a great inspiration to both old and new members alike.

Over the years, audiences have watched as our actors and actresses returned year on year, growing out of the juvenile leads and into the older parts, eventually bringing their own families into the fold. Each new generation of members has been able to learn and grow under the watchful guidance of those who went before, including their spouses who have often made up the key elements of the back stage team, making the group feel like a wonderful, warm and ever growing family and something
which its members hope to remain a part of for many years to come.

Discover the full
history of Romford Summer Theatre; purchase a copy of '50 Years of Romford Summer Theatre' by Norma Jennings. Copies of the booklet cost just £2.50 (including post and packaging).